By 2100, 90 % of them will have disappeared

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The world’s beaches are disappearing!
If we don’t act now, 90% of them could be gone by 2100.

Disturbing climate change, irrational coastal development and heavy coastline modification are to blame: sea level rise, extreme weather patterns, excessive concreting on our beaches, port expansions and sand plundering are all threats to our favorite sand banks.

Without even knowing it we are slowly endangering what we love the most. Because beaches are not eternal, we must protect them now.

Surfrider Foundation Europe has been lobbying at local, national and European levels. Our goal? To ensure that EU States sign a worldwide ambitious climate agreement that will truly consider the coastline – and those who enjoy its valued resources, in coastal management planning.

Time to turn things around! Your voice is critical to the future of our beautiful beaches. Please help us defy all odds and sign our pledge now!

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